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EA posts profits loss, cuts jobs


It's no secret that EA has their hands in some interesting projects coming down the pipe. Skate It, Rock Band 2, and that horror game we're waiting for are just a few that immediately come to mind. Whether these will be a big success for the company or not, we will have to wait and see (well, you can pretty much guess the second game in that brief list will make them a bunch of cash).

They could use some success, though. The company is apparently at a loss for profits, as they're down during Q2 of this year, forcing the company to cut some jobs. Around 500 to 600 across all functions and locations, to be exact, as the company posted a loss of $310 million during Q2.

"Considering the slowdown at retail we've seen in October, we are cautious in the short term," said John Riccitiello. "Longer term, we are very bullish on the game sector overall and on EA in particular."


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