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EA update: Forum bans do not equal in-game bans


Hey, remember last week when an Electronic Arts community manager announced that being banned from an EA forum would simultaneously ban users from playing their EA games online? Well, it's okay. All of you naughty forum dwellers can turn on the lights and open the shades, because it turns out that the community manager in question, known as eaapoc on the forums, was mistaken. Said eeapoc on the forums, "I had a misunderstanding with regards to our new upcoming forums and website and never meant to infer that if we ban or suspend you on the forums, you would be banned in-game as well. This is not correct, my mistake, my bad." He elaborates that being banned from the forums or from a game are separate process, so those banned from one need not fear being banned from the other.

So there you have it. You'll have to be some sort of super-jerk in order to be banned from both the forums and a game. Don't worry, internets, we know you're up to the task.

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