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Image importing coming to LittleBigPlanet by Xmas

Jem Alexander

We get it. You're creative. An artist. Using the PlayStation Eye to import your artwork into LittleBigPlanet just doesn't cut it. Thankfully it seems that Media Molecule has noticed your tears. Speaking at the recent Game City event in England, Alex Evans confirmed that proper image importing will be made available in a patch before Christmas. Which is next month, in case you're not keeping track.

There's no indication of how the image importing will work, but we assume there'll be memory sticks and/or USB keys involved. Expect a size limit too. Photographs taken with the PS Eye are currently the biggest contributor to a level's file size. We look forward to this patch, the online Create Mode patch and any other goodies Media Molecule decide to send our way.

[Thanks PS3 Attitude]

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