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Judge sides with Fisker in Tesla arbitration case


It started out with allegations of stolen secrets and quickly gave way to plenty of jokes involving "bad karma" before ultimately winding up an in arbitration, and it now looks like the legal tussle between Tesla Motors and Henrik Fisker of Fisker Automotive has finally come to a close. That lawsuit, as you may recall, had accused Fisker (who worked on Tesla's WhiteStar sedan) of stealing Tesla's hybrid technology and using it in Fisker's own car, the Fisker Karma. The judge in the case apparently couldn't disagree more with Tesla's claims, however, and has now cited "overwhelming" evidence in ruling in Fisker's favor. For it's part, Tesla simply said that, "we disagree with the ruling, and we're focused on producing and shipping cars to our customers," while Fisker is expectedly taking the opportunity to gloat a bit, saying that the ruling "completely vindicates" Fisker.

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