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Michael Zenke

We warned you. We told you we had a lot of stuff to give away. Even we, though, are marveling at the sheer amount of swag we have on offer this week. This right here is the give away Master List. We'll put up a link on the sidebar to this list that'll be up all week (and into next ... shh), and every single giveaway we do will be connected through here. All you need to do is come back to this post at the end of each day to find the links you'll need to enter.

Entering couldn't be easier - just leave a comment on the post with the swag you want. You can enter into each and every contest we run this week, if you want to! Winners are chosen completely randomly from commenters. If you do win, we'll need to ask you for a street address and phone number. Contests are only open to folks 18 or older that are not already employees of Weblogs, Inc. The contest is also open to Canadians ... excluding Quebec. Francophones Désolés! With all that said ... read on for the master list of MMO giveaways!

Happy Birthday, Massively!

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