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New WarioWare games coming to DS, DSi


Being the foul-smelling, eternally greedy anti-hero that he is, it comes as little surprise to see Wario delve into the lucrative field of video game development yet again. According to a recent operational briefing, delivered by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, DS owners can expect to see the mustache-twirling glutton in several upcoming titles -- and they'll even get to design some of them.

"WarioWare Myself" continues the franchise's celebration of all games deemed mini, with the addition of some user-created content. Players will reportedly be able to create their own frantic minigames and inflict them upon share them with others. There's also talk of a WiiWare application that allows these creations to be played, though not designed, on the Wii.

As for Nintendo's new DSi, Iwata revealed plans to release "WarioWare: Photograph," a camera-enabled, gesture-based affair, as well as several WarioWare minigames that will be available for download on the system's online store. For the sake of productivity, we sincerely hope Nintendo fails to include that infernal, paper airplane game. You know the one.

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