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Punch-Out!! developer making WiiWare card game as well


Next Level Games, the Canadian developer behind the Super Mario Strikers series, is currently at work on an extremely high-profile game: the Wii update to the classic Punch-Out!! series. According to an OFLC listing spotted by Spencer from Siliconera, they've decided to work on something else while they've got the Wii devkits out: something called Jungle Speed.

Rather than a Donkey Kong-themed racing game (which has been tried on the Wii to little success), Jungle Speed is most likely a Wii version of a card game of the same name, in which players must get rid of all their cards while racing to take possession of a totem.

We suspect that this title will end up on WiiWare: Jungle Speed also has a rating on the American ESRB, which lists its publisher as Playful Entertainment. Playful states on their website that they have "multiple, unannounced titles" planned for WiiWare.

In bonus OFLC news, Mercs, Enduro Racer, and M.U.S.H.A. have also been rated! Awesome games from Sega consoles incoming!

[Via Siliconera]

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