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Russian President Medvedev pictured with MacBook Pro

Robert Palmer

The Kremlin has released photos of Russian President Dimitry Medvedev holding a meeting with his aides and what appears to be a new MacBook Pro.

The president also recently addressed the nation in a video blog post, where his MacBook Pro was seen in a similar meeting. The logo had been removed from the video early on, but is visible around the 1:20 mark. Other videos on the Kremlin's website show Medvedev with a variety of computers.

Medvedev has previously been photographed using an iPhone, though some speculated it was a black-market acquisition. At the time the photo was taken, the iPhone was not yet available for sale in Russia.

This follows in the footsteps of other high-profile world leaders using Apple products, including former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt's switch to a Mac last month.

Thanks, Andrei!

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