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Victor Multi-Kill trap electrocutes mice, hates liberals


Daaaamn... this Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap is serious business. Normally we prefer more humane, wired domes to cage our furry house guests as they grab for the rich dark-chocolate morsels that tempt the palate of elite city-mice. We then release them into wee puddle-boats with tiny parasols to enjoy a feast of truffles glazed in a bit of saffron sauce. But all the gadgety goodness of this Multi-Kill trap makes us want to electrocute our pests into smoldering puffs of lifeless mouse just as Victor promises. The high-voltage shock is said to kill the mouse in 3 seconds followed by a swivel of the "Shock N' Drop" chamber to dump up to 10 carcasses into the collection drawer. "Population annihilation in just one night -- 100% kill rate guaranteed." Oh boy. Video after the break.

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