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Mystery Verizon phone features 3-inch touchscreen, attachable function modules

Chris Ziegler

Not long ago we uncovered a VX9600 brought to the FCC's attention courtesy of LG, and naturally, whenever we hear about an LG model that starts with "VX," we think but one thing: Verizon. That's not too interesting -- LGs pass through Verizon's lineup all the frickin' time -- but what caught our eye with this one was the mention of a game pad and a detachable keyboard. Meanwhile, a tipster of ours recently received a survey from Verizon asking what they thought about a purely hypothetical phone with a 3-inch touchscreen and a series of detachable modules, including a keyboard, game pad, stereo speakers, and an "internet module" with integrated WiFi. Coincidence? Doubtful; if we had to guess, the VX9600 is this very device, for which Verizon is apparently considering the names "Phenom," "Clip," and "Versa." We've got to admit, they've managed to stumble across a pretty unique concept here, and we're curious to see how it actually works in practice. We'd seen some intel indicating that Verizon had been targeting a November launch for this thing as recently as September -- but launch windows change insanely fast, so there's really no telling when we'll see this Frankenstein of a phone at this point.

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