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No end in sight for war of the tiniest projector

Laura June

Two diminutive projectors are making their debuts in the coming days. First, Epoq Multimedia's 2.2 x 2.2 x 1.6-inch Pico Cube projector, which the company says is "about the size and weight of a hen's egg." The device packs a LCoS chip and projects VGA resolution, with a 3W LED light source for between seven and 10 ANSI brightness, an 80:1 contrast ratio and expected LED array life of 25,000 hours. The BeamBox Pocket Projector, or W-1, is nearly identical in both size and specs, though this one is "about the size of two packs of cards" and weighs just 190 grams (no weight is given for the Epoq). The Pico Cube will be available online starting mid-November to the tune of $299, while the W-1 will be available November 10th online for £199 (about $350). Needless to say, our excitement for these products is "about the same size as something very small."

[Via Twice, About Projectors]

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