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Obama leads the Xbox Live voting race

Dustin Burg

As Election Day (in the U.S.) progresses, local and cable news stations are reporting on the tallies, numbers, facts and polling figures. But news stations aren't the only ones getting in on the election reporting, Microsoft and their Xbox Live election campaign just released the latest Xbox Live presidential voting numbers and Barack Obama is leading the race.

According to the number of election gamer picture downloads off the XBLM (where one download equals one vote for the candidate), Obama is leading the race by a whopping 20%. The unofficial Live poll numbers were taken from the weekend of October 31st and have Obama / Biden at 53%, McCain / Palin at 33% and Undecided / Other at 14%. Make the jump to get your fill of pie charts and - if you haven't already - get out and vote. Cliff did.

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