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One Shots: I wonder what this does

The easter eggs are myriad in Warhammer Online, as we've seen from several screenshots sent in to us by various players. There are portals, places that reference other games, and more. Today's One Shots, sent in to us by one of our regular Warhammer Online contributor Snacky, shows off another such find. Here's Snacky with the details: In my search for further easter eggs, I have found numerous "secret plungers" located in difficult to access locations. This one is located near the Dwarf capital. I will leave what happens once you click it to future adventurers. We haven't run across this one as yet, so we've no idea what happens when you hit this one. Hmm.

Are you an easter-egg fiend, intent on exploring the worlds you play in? Perhaps you just like finding a gorgeous view that few have ever seen before. If you've got a view, an egg, an achievement or the like that you'd like to share, we want to see your screenshots! Send them in to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and a quick description. Your screenshots and tales keep the story going here at One Shots, so send some in today!

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