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Self-stabilizing bike stabilizes bikers who can't stabilize themselves


The bicycle -- whether electric, rocket-powered or simply sporting Bluetooth -- is certainly looking a lot better these days, and now researchers at Yokohama's Keio University have devised a way to keep the vehicle upright without the help of a human operator. The otherwise typical bicycle sits on a set of rollers and is equipped with two motors: one moves the rear wheel an average of 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) per second while the other controls the handlebars. A linux controller keeps an eye things via webcam and gyro sensor, steering the vehicle and adjusting its speed as necessary. Currently the bike is only able to stay upright when moving in a straight line, but soon enough we should see a system that can take corners and work in real world situations. Because why should people with an adequate sense of balance have all the fun?

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