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VC Tuesday: Capcom rocks


Capcom traditionally lends lots of support to every system, no matter how well or poorly they are doing. Games like Marvel vs. Capcom, Mars Matrix, and Power Stone helped make the Dreamcast worth owning, for example. So it's no surprise that the Wii, which is actually very popular and enables companies to easily lend support in the form of direct ports of old games, is the recipient of some of Capcom's favor. It's an especially good week in Japan for Capcom fans, with both Rockman 3 and Mercs, the sequel to the classic Commando.

We're very curious about this CD version of Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu. It looks pretty much like a PC Engine version of Nintendo World Cup, but ... maybe it's got good music?

This week's WiiWare releases include a board game sort of like Pente and a WiiWare version of a Japan-developed entry in Gameloft's mobile Nights simulation series:

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