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Video: Cliff Bleszinski is voting and so should you

Dustin Burg

Unless you've been living in a media retardant bubble for the past two years, it's Election Day in the United States and that means anyone eighteen and older can and should make their way to their local polling place to cast a ballot. Seriously, it's a presidential election, go out and vote. Whether right this very moment, in an hour or later in the day, just vote. As a bonus, you'll receive an "I VOTED!" sticker.

Don't take our word for it, take Cliff Bleszinski's word, because he's voting. In the video above you'll hear a dude asking Cliff about the upcoming election and who he supports. We won't spoil his answer for you, but let's just say "change" sorta has duel meanings. Tricky Cliff.

Anyway, if you're in the States, please, go out and rock the vote. If you're in Canada, Europe or any other worldly place that doesn't participate in today's elections, please, go play video games.

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