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Breakfast Topic: Where did Thrall go?

Zach Yonzon

So Thrall was gone for a few hours. The mighty Orc leader has pretty much been a fixture in the Valley of Wisdom for four years now. But yesterday, readers from all over sent us tips that the Horde's main man disappeared. Where he went off, nobody knows. Sure, he started showing up again on the servers several hours later, but the real question is... where did he go? It wasn't to Nagrand to visit his grandmother, that's for sure, even though he's been known to do that on occasion.

Where do you think he went? I mean, I guess four years of standing around waiting for newbs to send him old news about the Burning Blade could get a little old. Maybe just like you guys -- I hope -- he went out to vote. Or maybe he made a quick jaunt to Theramore Isle. Did anybody see if Jaina was at her post during that time? Maybe it was just a glitch in the matrix, because he's back to standing around. What do you guys think?

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