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Guildwatch: Nowhere's safe from ninjas

Mike Schramm

Yup, that right there is an Arcanite Ripper ninja. Congrats, Slu, not only did you steal a piece of loot, but you stole a piece of loot that most players in the game will have two or three chances at the most to get. Was the trippy guitar animation really worth ruining your reputation? Maybe so.

In other news (and yes, we're running a little late thanks to the historic election results), Guildwatch has all your drama, downed, and recruiting news from around the realms. If you've got a tip to send us, email it along to wowguildwatch at gmail dot com, and you'll probably see it here next week. Click the link below to read on.


  • This would be a ninja report if it were true, but a few posts in, you realize that it's just Potassium of Original Sin trying to oust the guild he got /gkicked from. It's too bad -- while the members of OS seem to have him dead to rights, the thread would be much better if Potassium actually showed back up on his own character all angry that they called him out. I'd say 6/10.
  • Usually we're all for guild competition, but apparently there was a little dustup in Aman'thul -- Noctis Erus (A) beat Ajantis (H) to Kil'jaeden by a day -- apparently Noctis stayed overtime after an Ajantis raid just to make sure they got KJ down, and in their official kill video, left a few "words of wisdom" for Ajantis. That caused issues -- apparently there was a thread on the Ajantis forums that went 12 pages... until it got deleted. Too bad, but then again, they did beat you fair and square.
  • Consortium on Uther is trying to put some raids together outside of the guild: They're trying to put together a ZA or Kara run at least once a week -- they'll gear you up and show you some raids if you're interested. I think it's a great idea -- my guild isn't huge on raiding, but I like hanging out with them, and with the bar on raiding in the expansion so low, out-of-guild raiding might be bigger than ever.
  • Unfortunately, the thread about this has been deleted, but let's see if we can reconstruct it: Thapriest was a priest in Natural Selection of Nordrassil, and her husband is Nightfire. Apparently she was kicked a while ago for some drama, and then given a second chance, but when Nightfire caused some problems in the guild, Thapriest logged on and cussed out an officer in guild chat in front of everyone. Being that she was invited back on a provisional basis, she got a /gkick, and when Nightfire raised hell also, he got /gkicked as well. This, then, was war: both of them apparently called on the phone, sent angry text messages, and yelled on vent (until they got banned there, too). We hear they tried to complain about how they were treated on the realm forums, and forum trolls basically ate them alive. Too bad, would have been a fun read we're sure.
  • Ninja Alert: Kaeiron on Terrokar. Complete with... strange pictoral evidence. Is that MS Paint? Also, why would you bother ninja-ing something out of Stockades?
  • As you can see above, Slu of Mutiny on Andorhal also ninja'ed the Arcanite Ripper. The thing's only in the game for like 10 days, which means most guilds get two chances total at it, and you're using one of those chances to ruin your reputation? Seems dumb to us, but then again, we guess if you want it, you might as well take it, right?
  • A tipster sent this to us, and it might actually be news: there is no drama on the Durotan forums this week. You know the pickings are slim when even Dramatan doesn't have anything crazy going down.
  • But we do have this: some good glaive drama. The Warrior officer in Sons of Anarchy on Ravenholdt sounds like he needs an attitude readjustment. Most of the time, we make fun of the guy taking loot too seriously, but in this case, yeah, the Rogue who was with the guild for a long time probably deserved it over the Warrior who was planning to switch Fury, even if the Rogue was planning to roll a Death Knight come expansion time. Then again, the Warrior actually did win the roll. What do ya'll think?
  • Tylar, Garfunkle and Aguero of Dreamscape (EU Lightbringer-A) finished off Onyxia with just three people. The fight took a long time (the Mage evocated three times), but they picked up some good level 60 loot and had a good time.
  • Pinnacle on Nagrand dropped Kaz'rogal in Hyjal for the first time last night. That takes them up to 5/6 SSC, 2/4 TK and 3/5 MH. They're BT-bound before Wrath -- good luck!
  • Raid or GTFO on Kil'jaeden-H started up after a little GL drama (the raid leader broke away from a stealing guild leader, and thus their name), and they've been rocking ever since: 5/6 in SSC, 4/5 in MH, and four bosses down in Black Temple. Apparently the drama's not all over (a DPS Warrior /gquit after starting a fight over pulling), but hopefully they can rise above and move on.
  • After not one but two main hand drops of the Warglaive a very lucky Rogue (Svetlio) from SAINT on EU Burning Steppes was awarded the offhand. He's the realm first character to wield both. Very nice.
  • Tribal on EU Nagrand says Kara is now a joke -- they're clearing out ZA, have dropped Al'ar and Tidewalker, and have Hyjal in their sights. They're also recruiting healers and DPS, but they report many players are more concerned with leveling up alts than raiding (probably a common problem).
  • Beyond on Turalyon was having some attendance issues for awhile pre-3.0, but since the patch they've been rolling: Gorefiend, Bloodboil, and RoS have dropped so far. Mother Shahraz is next, go go shadow resist!
  • The Ugly Future on Steamwheedle Cartel did their first full clear of ZA the other night -- even before the patch they had dropped the animal bosses, but now they've finished off all timers and even the last two bosses. Very nice job.
  • We Have Jobs on Illidan-A has finally downed Reliquary of Souls. Mother and the Council got dropped later in the week, so we're putting Illy D himself on notice. He better be prepared.
  • Epic Proportions on Laughing Skull is taking advantage of the nerf to get into BT and down some new stuff. In one month, they've taken down 4/5 SSC, 3/4 TK, 3/5 Hyjal and got through Supremus in BT before some real life issues held them back. But in the last week they're back at it: six bosses in BT, the first four one shots which includes two fights they had never seen before in Akama and Gorefiend. Grats!
  • Mutiny on EU Khadgar wrapped up Gurtogg Bloodboil before the big nerf, and post nerf they dropped RoS, Mother and the Council. They're also recruiting, application is right here.
  • Serenity on Gorgonnash led a raid that included members of Downfall, Of Mass Deliciousness, and Mutiny and downed Lor'Themar Theron, the leader of the Blood Elves who resides in Silvermoon. It's the first downing (they know of) on their server -- there was Horde resistance aplenty, but they kited him down.
  • Knights of the Shadows of Kalecgos had another great night of raiding the other night: Doomwalker died as an appetizer, then Reliquary of Souls, Mother Shahraz, and the Illidari Council; all four guild-firsts! Illidan is on notice for next time.
  • Edge of Insanity on Bloodhoof just completed a five-raid-night stretch which saw their second Eredar Twins kill, first M'uru kill, first Warglaive drop (after about 20 Illidan kills), and first Kil'Jaeden kill (fourth server kill, all after the patch). They're also recruiting for pre- and post-expansion raiding.
  • Endless Shadow of Azjol-Nerub went 3/4 in TK for a bunch of guild firsts. Grats!
  • Irae Deus from Shattered Halls downed Kael'thas this week. Very nice.
  • Remnants on Dreadmaul-H downed Kil'jaeden after just a week of flying through Sunwell killing Twins, Mu'ru and KJ himself. Next up: Wrath!
  • Phoenix Wrath on Echo Isles was looking to finish up T5, and they did: KT is dead. Vashj is on notice, and Mount Hyjal awaits after that.
  • Reprisal (server?) got Illidan for the first time ever. Bloodboil, RoS, Mother, and the Council have all fallen as well. They're headed to the expansion next.
  • Tunnel Vision on Blackwing Lair downed M'uru and then toppled Kl'jaeden for a server-first victory (they were neck and neck with a Horde guild for the kill, and triumphed).
  • Reborn of Frostmane has gone on a killing spree post nerf downing Reliquary, Mother Shahraz, and Kael'thas this week on their way to The Council and Illidan. Nice work.
  • Redeemed (server?), who call themselves the largest Christian guild on Azeroth, downed Anetheron the other night and landed a two-shot on Kaz'rogal. This means, they say, that Azgalor goes on notice.
  • I Heart Bunnies of Tichondrius-A downed Brutallus the other night, and they posted the story of the fight in pictures on their website. Very funny.
  • Coalition of the Horde and Team Code worked together to down Kael'thas on Burning Blade. Vashj is on notice.
  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon downed Azgalor and Kael. Grats on earning your Hand of A'dal titles!
  • Bone Brigade on Lightninghoof-H downed Vashj and Kael, and later went in and dropped Gorefiend, RoS, and Mother in Black Temple. Council and Illy D are up next, with Illy on notice.
  • Mobark's Club of Alexstrasza sauntered into ZA in only the second full guild run of the place and cleared it with only one wipe. SSC and BT are also on the docket before Wrath -- good luck!
  • The Wolverines of Malygos were almost interrupted by a "server shutdown in 15 minutes" message which popped up as their Netherspite fight began, but undaunted (and hyped by way too much caffeine, we hear) the Wolvies took down Spite, Chess, and Prince, then had three minutes to laugh about it after hearthing. Now that's what we call a Karathon -- total time: 1 hour, 35 minutes. What's the record?
  • High Warlord Naj'entus got downed by Operation Extinction on their first venture into Black Temple. Rage Winterchill also dropped in Hyjal, and they even finished off Onyxia, as well as Loot Reaver and Ragnaros, just for good times.
  • Rebirth on Anvilmar-H downed Illidan last week just after finishing off the Council. Next up is ole Archie.
  • My Other Mount is Tauren (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) of Aerie Peak went 8/9 in BT in just two days (including one shotting RoS and Mother in their first attempts) and got Illidan to 10%. We'll put him on notice for you for next time.
  • Stargazer Clan on Elune has downed (post patch) Kaz'Rogal, Azgalor, Vashj, Supremus, Bloodboil, Akama, Mother, RoS and Gorefiend. They're looking forward to the remaining end bosses in the very near future as well as some "quality time" in Sunwell. Sounds fun.
  • The Crimson Door is a new guild formed by long time players on Cenarius (my home server) and they're recruiting dedicated players to build a supportive community heading into Wrath. They're a flexible, family-oriented guild. Apply and find more info on their website.
  • Durability Zero on Silvermoon-A is actively recruiting for all classes (with the exception of Paladins and Hunters) for Wrath leveling and Level 80 raiding. Please be at least 18 years old with a mature attitude, be Level 70 and have some prior raid experience. Gear is unimportant at this time. They raid everything from old-school instances for achievements to Kara and beyond. Raid times are 5:00pm-8:30pm server time. Put an app in on the website or look them up ingame.
  • Dogs of War on Lothar-A are recruiting all classes for expansion leveling and raiding.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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