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IOSONO showcases 380-speaker holographic audio solution

Darren Murph

We've seen some pretty intense multi-channel audio rigs, but 380 speakers? At the SMPTE 2008 Tech Conference and Expo in Hollywood, IOSONO introduced its holographic audio solution for cinemas -- a fitting complement to the bevy of 3D films just around the bend. Reportedly, the system can be adjusted on a per-room basis and expanded between 200 and 500 drivers; the location of each speaker is "measured with a laser and used to calibrate the exhibition player software." The drivers are arranged in three rows, with the top and bottom being woofers and the middle consisting of tweeters. As you'd expect, the solution envelops the auditorium completely, and up to 32 unique sound objects can be placed within the 3D virtual sound space. There's no mention of how costly this will be to theaters (or exceptionally weather home theater owners), but we can only hope to hear it in more cinemas shortly.

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