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Sanyo trots out a few new Gorilla navigators

Darren Murph

Sanyo's gone a few months now without popping out a new Gorilla navigator, but as of this week, you'll be forced to live with slightly antiquated jungle-themed GPS units no more. For starters, the outfit introduced a pair of SSD-based in-car units, the NVA-GS1580FT and NVA-GS1480DT; both of these feature a 400MHz CPU, while the former adds a 1seg TV tuner. Moving on, we've got the NV-SD750FT and NV-SB510DT, both of which are meant for aftermarket installation on your dash / windshield. The former includes a spacious 7-inch LCD, while the latter touts a still-respectable 5.2-inch panel. 'Course, we don't expect any of the new beasts to gallop, swim or fly over to US soil anytime soon, but those in Japan can sink their teeth in next month for between ¥75,000 ($759) and ¥155,000 ($1,569).

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