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The Daily Grind: Has Mythic delivered on their Warhammer promises?

Michael Zenke

With Warhammer Online out for over a month now, it seems as though we're seeing some level of reality checking going on among the players. Warhammer is a landmark game, no doubt about it, but there are (as there always is) problems. So we wanted to ask you this morning about the product Mythic has delivered. It doesn't matter whether you like it or not - let's leave that for another thread. The question this morning is: did Mythic deliver on what it promised? Did they come through with everything we covered back in the Massively Goes to WAR days?

This question is inspired by polls over at the Vault Nation boards, and subsequently at The Greenskin. At the Vault boards the results were quite negative, perhaps a snap-back reaction to the hype that built up to the game's launch. Generally it still seems like Massively readers are still digging the WAR. So what do you folks think? Did Mythic deliver on its promises? Or do we still have a ways to go yet?

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