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    Canon Powershot E1 reviewed: a little style, not so much substance

    Laura June

    The Canon PowerShot E1 -- an entry-level 10 megapixel digital camera we saw a while back -- variously described as being aimed at "women" and "on-the-go, fashion-conscious teens perfect for capturing every OMG moment" has gotten itself a review over at Photography Blog, and well, it's not exactly anything to "OMG" about. This addition to the PowerShot clan gets a few points for its retro stylings, but the build makes it feel even more like a cheap toy than other plastic models. As for image quality, the E1 predictably packs too many pixels for its sensor, resulting in photos with good resolution, but noise and smearing in anything with fine details. It does, however, get better then expected marks on video quality. Essentially, the PowerShot E1 is called out for being a pricier, updated design of the PowerShot A580, with improved macro and video modes, plus the addition of infinity focus. While the reviewer seems wary of recommending the camera to any adult, they are willing to concede that the it "could still make a good first camera for a child." Wow, burn. It's available now in white, cyan and girlish pink (from the press release, sorry), and retails for about $183.

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