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First Look: Fake Calls for iPhone


Have you ever been on a blind date that you really wanted to get out of? How about participating in the world's most boring meeting or wanting to get away from the in-laws?

iPhone owners now have a great tool available for making that quick exit, and it's called Fake Calls. From iPhone startup Magic Tap, Fake Calls sells in the App Store (click opens iTunes) for just US$0.99. In order to make it appear that you have just received a phone call from someone important, you can change the wallpaper for the Caller ID, set the phone to ring or vibrate, and customize the caller number or name. You set a time for the fake call (i.e., 15 minutes into that really dull date), and at that predefined time the fake call comes in. Voila! Instant excuse!

Since you're not really being called, no airtime charges apply. Magic Tap is also planning on donating 10 percent of earnings from Fake Calls to several charities -- could it be to assuage their guilt over an app that helps you to lie?

Considering how creative Fake Calls is, it will be fascinating to see what their Magic Tap's next iPhone app will do.

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