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This Saturday: Walmart tacking $100 gift card onto 80GB PS3

With Microsoft content with rolling back its own prices – thankyouverymuch – it's up to super-retailer Walmart to do what Sony won't do this holiday season: cut prices on the PlayStation 3. Okay, fine, it's not so much a price cut as it is a value add. You'll still end up blowing $399 plus sales tax but you'll also get a $100 gift card, which you can immediately apply towards LittleBigPlanet ($60), just the single-player and co-op portions of Resistance 2 ($40, if only they made it a la carte), and a lifetime membership to PSN ($0).

Here's the catch: you've got to get out of bed early on Saturday morning to be in line before 8am. With the console not getting any cheaper, and this economy not getting any better, something tells us that "minimum 4 per store" isn't going to last very long.

[Thanks, aaron]

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