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Wii's decent software tie ratio highlighted by SCIENCE


It's that time again, readers -- time to roll our sleeves up and get elbow-deep in some graphs. Woo! These examples are from the graph experts at Gamasutra, and smash a myth that has hung around the Wii too long for our liking: that the console has a rubbish tie ratio (the number of games sold per console). Indeed, the PS3 is marginally behind Nintendo's platform in this respect. Not bad for a console that, unlike the PS3, comes with a free game to get started! A second graph at Gamasutra confirms that the Wii's tie ratio has very slightly improved during 2008.

One Wii myth this data does reinforce is that Nintendo totally dominates the Wii software scene; again, it's a familiar complaint, but there's obviously some credibility to it.

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