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BD-Live-capable Blu-ray players get offered in multi-region form

Darren Murph

If you held back from snapping up a multi-region Blu-ray player the last time you had a chance, today's your lucky day. BlurayMods has finally returned to the scene, and it brought along with it some fancy new toys. The ICOS HD mod converts your current BD deck into a multi-region bundle of fun, and if you believe the seller, it's totally easy to install and operate. For those not willing to hand over €69 ($88) for the mod chip -- which functions with Sony's BDP-S350 / BDP-S550, Panasonic's DMP-BD35 / DMP-BD55 and Denon's DVD-2500 -- you can buy a pre-rigged player for quite a bit more. We'd say the euro-to-dollar conversion really rules these out for most Americans, but if things get much crazier, you may find yourself looking at a steal.

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