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Family Glide Hockey whooshing to US WiiWare [update]


[Update: after the break, four videos of Family Glide Hockey in motion.]

We love air hockey, and we're pretty friendly with Family Table Tennis, so we're pleased to see that Aksys has chosen to release the second Family sports title for WiiWare, Okiraku Air Hockey, in North America as Family Glide Hockey.

Family Glide Hockey adds several twists to the delightful arcade attraction including ridiculous locations, weird tables, special shots, and extra minigames like Glide Hockey Drill, in which you ... solve math problems?

As for when it's coming out, Aksys says "this holiday," and even if they had specified a release date, we wouldn't be able to trust it, because Nintendo doesn't seem to want people to know when downloadable games come out.


[Via press release]

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