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Image credit: giveaway: Warhammer Online collector's edition

Michael Zenke

This is the big one. This is the megaset that was the talk of the MMO community during Warhammer Online's launch. We profiled this behemoth in our very own unboxing feature, and it was kind of like opening the vaults of King Solomon. Only, you know, with orcs. Find out everything that's in this pack by checking out our feature or by hitting up the official CE page on the Warhammer site. This thing retails for $79.99, and one lucky reader is going to get it for the low, low cost of free just because she or he reads Massively.

All you have to do to win this big fella is leave a comment here on the post declaring your allegiance to one of Warhammer Online's races. This blogger fights for the Empire, tips his hat to Karl Franz, and swings a hammer with the rest of the Sigmarite clergy. What about you? You'll need to comment before 7:00 AM EST Sunday, November 9th. You can only enter once per person, and after the contest closes we'll ship out the prize to one randomly-selected winner. Give us at least a week to ship out this massive pile of swag, though. To win you must be age 18 or up and a resident of the US or Canada (excluding Quebec). For full eligibility details, we suggest you read our official rules. Good luck!

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