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MTV & NY Comic Con looking for 'true fanboy,' could be you

Majed Athab

We know Sony PlayStation fanboys/fangirls are the most hardcore followers out of all the console factions. So, when we caught whiff that MTV is looking for a real-life, honest-to-God, genuine, pure-bred "fanboy," well we thought that someone in the crowd of our readers could be -- dare we say it -- that ultimate fanboy (or girl) they're looking for.

The New York Comic Con 2009 is working closely with MTV to find that special someone to do a segment for the network's True Life television documentary series. Those of you looking at joining the casting call must be aged 16-28 and identify with: cosplaying, waiting at midnight launches, getting gaming-related tattoos and/or others. Check out the sign-up sheet here for more details.

[via press release]

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