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New Hudson WiiWare games feature pool, snowboarding, and team toilet repair


With Alien Crush Returns debuting in Europe today, Hudson has wasted no time announcing three new WiiWare games for the PAL Wii Shop. They range from pretty basic stuff to whaaaaat? They all sound like they could potentially be fun.

On the 'basic' end of things: Snooker Vs. Billiards Cue Sports, a pool game with online play for 1-4 players. It allows for either motion- or button-based play, which is a nice touch. It'll be out (probably) at the end of this month.

Slightly less normal is Snowboard Riot, due out in January, a snowboarding game with combat -- sort of like Road Rash falling down a mountain. It also supports online play for up to four players, and even allows the Balance Board.

And then there's Pit Crew Panic. We'd seen the title before, but we couldn't have guessed the content of the game. Sure, it is a game about a racing pit crew fixing cars quickly, but it's also a game about a pit crew fixing cakes quickly. And toilets. And flower beds. Wow!

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