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VidaBox RackServer and RackClient v2 go without heads, HD DVD

Steven Kim

Either HD DVD fell off of VidaBox's worklist or simply got left off the press release, but the new RackServer and RackClient v2 from the company have other features that will appeal to well-heeled HD connoisseurs (and their no doubt completist libraries). The RackServer will eat up 4U of space, but you'll get "1-step archiving" of unencrypted CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs in return. Since you can rip from up to five discs at once (with drive extenders), the 2-7TB storage (expandable to a crazy 16TB in a separate chassis) will come in handy. Once you've got all that ripping done, the RackClient v2 will spit out the bits from unencrypted Blu-ray, DVDs and other media, including the DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD audio you paid so dearly for. We don't even have the heart to ask about pricing.

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