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We're feeling the love: Blogger application deadline is tonight


We asked, and you answered. Over 150 of you have already sent in your applications to join the TUAW team, and we're happily plowing through the entries now. It's been a real delight to see the enthusiasm and geek cred of everyone who has turned in sample posts... while a few of you might have benefited from additional proofreading of your submissions before hitting 'send' (ahem), the overall level of quality and insight is quite amazing.

Amazing, and also very daunting -- since we can't take all of you, the process of winnowing this bushelful of excellence down to a few candidates is going to involve a lot of hard choices, grim faces and possibly some yelling. We're heading into our undisclosed location this weekend equipped with all the latest decision support technologies and we hope to have answers for all of you soon.

The deadline for applications is midnight ET tonight, Friday 11/7. See the original recruitment post for details. We do have far, far more qualified applicants than we have slots for contributors, so please don't be discouraged if we can't tap you on the shoulder this round.

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