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Wii is 'most expensive board game on Earth'


So says Sega A&R man Darren Williams in an interview with, who also described the console as "the kind of thing that families will play at Christmas, and probably won't play again throughout the remainder of the year."

Before we all fetch the pitchforks and start constructing crude Darren Williams effigies, perhaps it would do some good to calmly consider whether the man has a point. In this blogger's personal experience, a small number of families do only use the Wii sporadically, and Williams clearly isn't referring to Wii Fanboy staff or readers.

Whether these occasional players are such a bad thing is another debate entirely. One popular theory seems to be that newer gamers are less likely to invest in new Wii software, but we saw yesterday that the Wii's tie ratio is thoroughly healthy. What sayeth you?

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