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WRUP: What are you playing?


Remember, folks. There may be a lot of games out. But don't spend all your money on games: you should eat food too.
  • Jem Alexander - Same old story. LittleBigPlanet trophies inbetween bouts of Quantum of Solace (also for the trophies...) and Valkyria Chronicles. The latter of which is getting better and better the more I play it. Otherwise there's Professor Layton, which just arrived (only just released in Europe) and various other titles which have been piling up. When I'm not playing, however, I'm watching this. All together now: Awwwww!
  • Majed Athab - I've finished up LittleBigPlanet (see my Trophies guide!) and Fallout 3 this week. That gives me time to finally get in some Resistance 2. Also, just got Quantum of Solace in the mail. I've heard good things about it, though I'm not a big Daniel Craig fan.
  • Alan Tsang - Dead Space and Gears of War 2. Hopefully, my copy of SOCOM: Confrontation came in so I can finally try that out.
  • Andrew Yoon - Gears of War 2 will undoubtedly take all my time this weekend. Oh, and the PixelJunk Monsters Trophy patch.

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