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Ask PS3 Fanboy: Volume 11

Majed Athab

Many of you wrote in asking us what happened to Ask PS3 Fanboy. We're quite touched to hear that you missed us. To answer the question, we were just taking a brief hiatus. We're back in business now and taking your questions. So send some in!

Keep checking back every weekend -- we'll be sure to answer all intelligent, fun, and relevant questions that you may have. If you haven't asked us anything yet ... why haven't you? Send an e-mail to majed @ with the subject "Ask PS3 Fanboy." We'd like to stress, if your e-mail doesn't include that subject heading, your question will not be answered. If you've got PSP-related questions, be sure to ask them on Ask PSP Fanboy.

Giovanni R. asks: I live in South America. If I buy the PS3 here, will I be able to play Blu-ray movies purchased on the US? All America (north, center and south) shares the same region as far as Blu-ray movies concerns?
PS3F answers: Um, Giovanni you already know the answer! Yes, North and South America, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia are all Region A for Blu-ray. Since you live in South America (hopefully not in French Guiana... because they are Region B), you can buy Blu-ray discs from any of the territories just mentioned and it will work fine. Just check the back of the box for "Region A."

Rick T. asks: Are the Guitar Hero: World Tour instruments compatible with Rock Band 2 and vice-versa?
PS3F answers
: We've tested it out for ourselves. Rock Band 1 & 2's drums, guitars and microphone all work in Guitar Hero: World Tour. Specifically on drums, you can play GH:WT without cymbals (regular RB setup). However, Guitar Hero: World Tour's drums do not work in both Rock Band 1 & 2. GH:WT's guitars and microphone work in both Rockbands. Take a look at this chart from Joystiq -- it'll tell you everything you need to know.

Tejas P. asks: If you borrow a friend's Rock Band 1 disc to export the songs for $5 to Rock Band 2, can your friend still play the songs on the disc when you return it back to him?
PS3F answers: Yes, you most definitely can export to multiple systems and the original disc will work as it always has. So pass it around as much as you like ... just don't scratch it! Then it won't work.

Gavin P. asks: Do you know when Tekken 6 is coming out, it feels like 10 years have passed since Tekken 5 was released.
PS3F answers: Yes. While Tekken 6 was originally slated for winter this year, we found out at the Tokyo Game Show that it will now be out fall 2009. You will have to wait an extra year. Also, it's no longer a PS3 exclusive and will be available on the Xbox 360 too.

Peter W. asks: Why are there so few split-screen/offline multiplayer games for the PS3? Is it possible for you to provide a list of them?
PS3F answers: The general trend for videogames continues to push for better graphics and more complex programming; however, this is detrimental to split-screen multiplayer. The reason is that split-screen will require more internal resources and the consoles just can't handle the multiplied number of polygons, and the AI which is being handled in real-time from numerous angles. In short, it's just too much for the systems to handle.

As for a list of SS titles, here are a few off the top of our heads. Haze and MotorStorm 2 both have offline 4-player SS. WipEout HD, Resistance 2 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue have a regular SS feature.

Adam B. asks: I have set up a Japanese store account on PSN and have been wondering for a long time if I downloaded the costumes for Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, will those costumes work on my US version of the game?
PS3F answers: They will not work. The downloadable content is specifically coded for its respective region. A good example of this is the recent, free LittleBigPlanet costumes. If you downloaded the free costumes from the Japanese PS Store the week before they became available in North America, you'll have noticed that they don't work with North American copies. Don't purchase DLC from foreign stores -- they will not work.

Garrett W. asks: I'm so confused about the LittleBigPlanet "early adopter bonuses" like the tee-shirt and space uniform. Are they additional pre-order bonuses or for anyone who buys LBP within a certain time frame (if it is this, what is the time frame)? Are these bonuses available at any store or only certain ones? Thanks!
PS3F answers: It looks like plans have changed about getting the costumes in-game on launch day. That won't be happening anymore. Instead, you can download the spacesuit for free on the PS Store right now. There's also a Halloween themed costume for free as well.

Teddy H. asks: If Square Enix said the only reason The Last Remnant is coming out first on Xbox 360 is because of the longer development time for PS3, then why is the company delaying the North American release of Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 when the Xbox 360 version is going to take much longer?
PS3F answers: You're slightly missing the idea here, Teddy. The game will be completed for the PS3 as an exclusive in Japan and it will be released in Japan first. At this time, the game will be ported over to the Xbox 360 for North America. During this very same period, the game will be localized in English. Porting and localization should be finished at around the same time. So, logically speaking, the game is not delayed due to the port -- in fact it's not "delayed" at all. The later release is due to regional changes, which is something we've been accustom to for the past few decades.

Michael P. asks: The PlayStation Store doesn't have much PSOne classics but do you think they will ever have trophy support on PSOne games? It would be nice to see MGS with trophy support just like Banjo-Kazooie with its achievements. I'm looking forward to this happening.
PS3F answers
: Trophy support on PSOne titles will never happen. If Insomniac won't go back to put Trophies in Resistance: Fall of Man, then what makes you think they'll rewind the clock and tweak their PSOne title, Spyro the Dragon? We don't intend to sound mean, it's just a very far cry from the reasonable and wouldn't want to get your hopes up.

Ross asks: I am so curious to know why some games and developers haven't forced trophy patches on some of the old games for the sole purpose of replay value. Do developers think that it's not that important as far as cost/payoff to create a trophy patch? Or did the teams of people that worked on these games are off on other projects (like the games after they are released are just closed projects)?
PS3F answers: You have a pretty good grasp of how it works, but allow us to explain further. Yes, time and money is an issue, but also remember that programmers have to write new code and tamper with a finished product. There needs to be thorough testing, because if it's not done properly, there will be huge consequences to pay up. Worst case scenario, the trophy patch comes in and completely screws up the game. Imagine the sort of backlash from the gaming community? Why should developers open up a Pandora's Box?

Then, there are people who are perfectly happy without Trophies. Adding Trophies in after the fact -- or in other words after it's been launched and received well -- is sometimes viewed as annoying. Case in point, Uncharted -- the patch deletes your progress. How many people who enjoyed that game and didn't care about Trophies got ticked off about seeing their save erased? Raise your hands please. Putting in Trophies complicates things in more aspects than just developer's needs. It's also about consumer needs, and these needs are very segmented. Not everyone is keeping their eye on the past or wants to go back.

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