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EVE Online moving to the world of First Person Shooters

Michael Zenke

In a surprising announcement from the ongoing EVE Online Fanfest, CCP has stated that they're planning a First Person Shooter (FPS) title set in the world of New Eden. Eurogamer carries the news, and states that footage was shown of a "Halo-like shooter on a daylit, Earth-like planet surface. The architecture and gun designs were clearly redolent of the space MMO's art style." Which is to say, super-gorgeous.

This came during a presentation on the future of EVE Online, during which CCP heads Hilmar Petursson and Nathan Richardsson noted they were working on a 'game console strategy' for the company. The site speculates that the FPS will be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 at some point down the road, but also points out that we shouldn't expect this landmark title any time soon. At the moment, all of CCP's resources and thinking with EVE Online are centered around creating the next expansion to the game.

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