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"Story coming first isn't just talk", offers SWTOR senior writer Rob Chestney

Michael Zenke

The official site for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been updated with another blog entry from the game's staff. Our first look into the team was through the eyes of SWTOR community manager Amy Crider. This time it's an update from Senior Writer Rob Chestney, who will also be interfacing between the community and the development team. Chestney writes an interesting short post recounting his arrival at BioWare after his departure from CNN. He recounts his experience studying with the other BioWare writers, and describes with enthusiasm the moving experience of graduting to a Senior Writer position.

Most interesting is his passionate endorsement of the 'story first' viewpoint BioWare has for all of its game development. According to Chestney, that sentiment is alive and well on the Old Republic project: "The storyline and narrative setting were the starting point of every discussion about design and even the conversations about art ... The process for creating a narrative of BioWare standards is more thorough than you can possibly imagine. And that was before we even started writing dialogue!" Click on through to the official site for the full post.

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