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Advisory: LittleBigPlanet's game-breaking glitch

Majed Athab

LittleBigPlanet isn't completely bug free. It has one particularly devastating glitch which could make the game nigh unplayable. The catastrophic glitch occurs when players create a giant spinning wheel and set that impending doomsday machine to maximum speed. Running one of the controllable characters into it will cause that character to continuously die for no reason -- even when loading into the Pod.

To solve the issue, players will have to delete their save files. So, here's a warning: don't make towering wheels of death. After the break, you'll find a video which shows off the malicious glitch in action. We advise you not to copy any actions seen in the video as it will be harmful to your save file. The video is meant for educational purposes on what not to do.

[Thanks Dreadhead541!]

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