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Dell to offer Xbox 360 Arcade and Rock Band 2 for $199 on Black Friday

Darren Murph

The Black Friday deals have already started to flow in over on the HD front, but now that we're closing in on America's most mayhem-filled shopping day of the year, we're beginning to see stellar deals from nearly every CE category. One that caught our eye here recently was from Dell's list, and it involves what's already the cheapest gaming console on the market today (the Vii notwithstanding). On November 28th, Dell Home's website will offer the Xbox 360 Arcade with seven games including Rock Band 2 for $199, and while we highly doubt you'll receive any guitars, drum sticks or sweat bands for that price, we suppose there's always a remarkably small chance that you will. Keep the faith and raise the horns, brothers / sisters.

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