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Everyone loves LBP, even Norwegian fashion designers

Majed Athab

LittleBigPlanet truly is a global phenomenon. Even Norwegian fashion designers are getting into the Sackboy-craze. In collaboration with Norwegian PlayStation distributor Nordisk Film, fashion moguls Moods of Norway have made their own level in the do-it-yourself platformer. There was even a launch event held in honor of publishing the level.

The concept for Moods of Norway's level is all about saving the world from fashion crisis. To do this, players have to navigate through the level towards Moods of Norway's HQ in Stryn. There are a lot of distinct Norwegian items to collect, such as stave churches and waffles. Honestly, we thought Belgium had a monopoly on waffles, but we suppose Norway is prime waffle territory, too. The level is already published and ready to play. You'll know you're in the right level once you see waffles like these -- lots of them.

[Thanks GhostViper!]

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