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EVE's Quantum Rise trailer depicts escalating conflict

James Egan

With all of the announcements and events that have taken place this week at EVE Fanfest 2008, it's a safe bet that the forthcoming video footage related to the title should be interesting. CCP Games is kicking off the November 11th release of the Quantum Rise expansion with a video, depicting how the game's storyline is moving forward. As they did previously with the Empyrean Age release, rather than simply making a video that shows off a new game mechanic or ship, CCP's Quantum Rise trailer is presented as 'in-world' breaking news footage from "The Scope" -- New Eden's galactic news network.

Where the Empyrean Age trailer showed viewers a suicide attack on a peace summit that triggered war between the Caldari and Gallente races, the newest Quantum Rise video depicts an escalation of hostilities in New Eden. The Gallente Federation now finds itself mired in a two-front war, fending off the nationalistic Caldari while having to face the golden Amarr fleets as well, as seen in the footage. The Quantum Rise trailer is just the newest one shown on the CCP Games YouTube page. For those looking for higher res downloads, the Quantum Rise trailer should be up on the official site's video section soon. But for now, you can see video footage from 'The Scope' as the conflict unfolds below the cut.

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