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Japanese hardware sales, Oct. 27 - Nov 2: Impossible math edition

We were certain that the release of Nintendo's new shutterbug handheld, the DSi, would have a rather volatile effect on the Japanese hardware sales numbers this week -- and as the dastardly text-skippers among you already know, we were quite correct. The usual suspects played a thrilling round of Musical Chairs, bringing about a comeback for the PS3, and a return to the bottom rung for the Xbox 360. The [Source: Media Create] text is glad you're back, 360. It missed you terribly.

The big news of the week, however, was the DSi, which sold like hotcakes Pocky to Japanese gamers, who reportedly can't go a month without buying some iteration of the DS without developing delirium tremens. Unfortunately, my predecessor in the ways of the Japanese hardware sales failed to warn me about the caution required when adding a new system to the weekly chart. When typing in the DSi's sales figures into my trusty Excel spreadsheet, my computer attempted to discern the percentage of change between last week and this week's sales, divided by zero, then imploded my office.

Don't fret, dear readers -- I'm fine, though I'll likely lose the damage deposit on my apartment. The fate of my computer, however, is still up in the air. My theoretical mathematics professor seems to think that my laptop might been sucked into a self-sustaining space-time vortex, sending it hurtling on a Bill-and-Ted-esque journey through history. This is, of course, preposterous.

Oh, hey. Thomas Jefferson just added me as a friend on Facebook.

- DSi: 171,925 [New Entry!]
- PSP: 50,358 10,109 (16.72%)
- PS3: 39,587 35,656 (907.05%)
- Wii: 23,123 1,169 (4.81%)
- DS Lite: 16,369 6,596 (28.72%)
- PS2: 6,714 248 (3.56%)
- Xbox 360: 6,119 1,725 (21.99%)

[Source: Media Create]

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