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Blu-ray releases on November 11th 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

Just when we thought there wasn't another comic book movie this holiday season until The Dark Knight, along comes Hellboy, which we somehow forgot about. It's available both in regular and extra geeky, the latter will set you back another $20, but while both include a digital copy, only the Collector's Edition includes a scary looking figurine and we're not sure what else. Also this week, Weinstein has the made for TV movie about the NASCAR legend, Dale Earnhardt, which is sure to be a popular stocking stuffer for Blu-ray NASCAR fans -- not sure how many of those there are. Star Wars fans can look forward to the animated feature Star Wars: The Clone Wars, while WW2 junkies can can relive Band of Brothers for the first time on Blu-ray. That isn't the only TV show series this week though, as Warner has both the first season of Chuck and the third season of Supernatural. And finally, Fox offers up the first, and regrettably, the only season of Firefly.

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