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Stardock sticking with Q1 release strategy for next half decade


Stardock just seems to "get it" when it comes to not putting any more burden on our time (or wallets) during the holiday season. The company's CEO, Brad Wardell, tells Gamasutra that the small publisher plans to release a title "every first quarter of every year" over the next five to six years. This way it can avoid the holiday glut, along with the marketing dollars required to stand out in the crowd.

The Q1 release strategy, although not explicit up until now, seems to have worked well for the publisher. Galactic Civilizations II cut out a niche and Sins of a Solar Empire was a bona fide sleeper hit. We know that Gas Powered Games' Demigod is scheduled for February of next year and Stardock's internally developed Elemental is already slated for February of 2010. The publisher has its 2011 game already planned, but isn't announcing it yet.

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