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Ubisoft gets bigger by picking up Massive Entertainment


Massive Entertainment, developers of World in Conflict and the Ground Control series, have a new home at publisher Ubisoft. The Swedish studio was let go by Activision Blizzard following "The Merger." Clearly, despite Massive's quality work, WiC and the studio's RTS proficiency lacked the "potential to be exploited" by Blizzavision.

Neither the teams next project nor the details of the financial transaction were disclosed by the publisher. Last we'd heard, Blizzavision still owned the rights to World in Conflict, but we've contacted Ubi to find out if it took the rights in the transaction. If it didn't, expect a new RTS franchise (unless the studio totally goes in a new direction) the next time Massive announces what game it's working on.

Update: Ubi confirmed with us that it did receive the World in Conflict rights in the acquisition.

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