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DISH Network's DTVPal DVR converter box set to roll out in December


This unassuming little device first popped up way back at CES in January, where it was known as the Echostar TR-50, but it looks like it's now finally going to see the light of day courtesy of DISH Network, which has dubbed it the DTVPal. From the looks of it, however, there's not a whole lot of changes beyond the name, with it still promising to handle the digital-to-analog conversion with ease, and record 30 hours of HD video or 150 hours of standard-def -- a task made considerably easier with the included seven-day programming guide which, best of all, doesn't require a subscription or contract. If that sounds like the box you've been waiting for, you'll be able to get your pre-order in on November 19th for $250 (after a $50 instant rebate), with the device supposedly set to start shipping in mid-December.

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