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First Look: Gas Cubby for iPhone


In August, TUAW provided you with a first look at an iPhone trip expense tracking app called Trip Cubby. Now developer David Barnard and his company App Cubby have released Gas Cubby (click opens iTunes).

Gas Cubby is an automobile maintenance manager. If you can't remember the last time you changed the oil, checked tire pressure, or performed other preventative maintenance, this may be the app for you.

Gas Cubby tracks gas mileage and vehicle maintenance, and creates charts of mileage, gas price, and gas and service expenses. All of the data can be emailed in Excel .csv (comma-delimited) text files for further analysis on your Mac or PC. You can set Gas Cubby to remind you to schedule service appointments based on mileage or date, and the app can track multiple vehicles.

If your car was stolen, would you know your VIN (vehicle identification number)? Probably not, so Gas Cubby can also store your VIN, license plate, and insurance policy info. Just don't leave your iPhone in the glove compartment.

The $4.99 app is full-featured, and App Cubby is getting a good reputation as a development firm that listens to customer needs. Check out the Gas Cubby website for more info and screenshots than you can shake a dipstick at.

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