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Gefen's AV Scaler Pro with Amplifier is pretty much what the name says

Steven Kim

In case you were worried that some AV hookup problem was going to go unresolved, Gefen has added yet another offering to its lineup with the Audio Video Scaler Pro with Amplifier (not to be confused with the company's TV Scaler Pro). This rack-mountable, black and blue little wonderbox will fill in switching, upscaling, transcoding and you guessed it, audio amplification. All you need to do is supply the video source in HDMI (two inputs), DVI, VGA, component, composite or s-video formats and corresponding audio (S/PDIF and optical for the HDMI, analog stereo for the others) and you'll be able to send a single HDMI signal with embedded audio down the line; or you can break out the two channels of 20-Watts audio right at the box's rear panel and hook up some speakers. If you've been looking for a way to get videogaming into the conference room, check the press release after the break.

Integrating computer, legacy and digital devices is easy with Gefen's new Audio/Video Scaler Pro with Amplifier. This rack-mountable scaler works with today's popular interfaces, performs seamless source switching, and up-scales video to 1080p full HD while supporting audio amplification. The built-in audio amplifier makes this product ideal for presentations, board rooms and similar environments where multiple A/V sources can be accommodated with a one-box solution. It offers volume control and two 20-watts per channel speaker outputs so users can integrate audio and video equipment conveniently and easily.

For professionals working with various audio/video formats, the Gefen A/V Scaler Pro with Amplifier adds value by enabling plug and play connections among different devices. Video inputs are provided for HDMI (two inputs), DVI, VGA, component, composite and s-video. All video inputs come with separate audio inputs: HDMI with S/PDIF and Optical; and DVI/VGA, composite, s-video and component with analog stereo inputs. One HDMI output is offered with mirrored S/PDIF, Optical and stereo audio outs. The selected video source is delivered in the HDMI format, with audio embedded in the HDMI signal, and delivered separately.

With this assortment of inputs, the Gefen A/V Scaler Pro with Amplifier supports CD players, audio receivers, DVD players, set-top boxes, computers, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and more. Each source can be viewed on the same flat panel display, with video and audio refinements that enable simple system integration with a high-definition performance.

Dual performance scaling engines drive resolution scaling, while the advanced color engine technology refines colors, intensifies contrast and defines details such as skin tone. 3D noise reduction, frame delay, and adaptive de-interlacers enhance the scaling options, all accessible through the on-screen menu controlled by IR remote.

Installation requires simple connections between the A/V Scaler Pro with Amplifier and your audio/video devices; the package includes one 6-foot HDMI cable to connect directly to the HDMI display. An RS-232 port is provided for integration with control systems.

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