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Juxtaposer: Fun with photos on iPhone / iPod touch


Fans of Adobe Photoshop rejoice! Have you been waiting for a way to whip out your iPhone or iPod touch and be able to juxtapose Arnold Schwarzenegger's head onto Pamela Anderson's body? Your wait is over -- Juxtaposer (click opens iTunes) is now available in the App Store.

This $2.99 app is a lot of fun, as well as one of the best-executed compositing tools for a mobile device that I've ever seen. Features include:

  • Unlimited undo, so no mistake or accidental brushstroke is permanent.
  • Hard or soft brushes to create sharp or blurred edges.
  • Smooth blends between images with transparent brushes.
  • Red mask mode lets you accurately isolate part of one image without being distracted by the second image in the background.
  • Translucent mode makes it easy to align your images precisely.
  • The stamp tool lets you add multiple copies of your cut-out to your composite.
  • Work in portrait or landscape orientation; optionally have images auto-rotate.
Who would you like to make a photo-composite of? Earn the admiration of your fellow TUAW-ites and leave us a comment.

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