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Sharp intros 52-inch PN-S525 / 65-inch PN-S655 pro LCDs

Darren Murph

For times when traditional LCD HDTVs just can't cut it (digital signage applications come to mind), Sharp is dishing out a new pair of professional displays to handle the task(s). Up first is the 52-inch PN-S525, which boasts a Full HD panel, 1,800:1 contrast ratio, 6-millisecond response time, 176-degree viewing angles and a bevy of inputs including DVI-D, component, RS-232C, HDMI and Ethernet. The PN-S655 sports an expansive 65-inch screen and features DFE (Dual-Fine Engine) technology, a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, 420 cd/m2 brightness and all of the inputs mentioned on its smaller brother. Lastly, the slightly tweaked PN-S525P ($10,795) and PN-S655P ($14,225) will be shipping this month with an integrated protective acrylic overlay for high traffic areas, while the S525P / S655 will sell for $4,550 / $6,459.

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